Ebay Auctions

To bid on Ebay, you must first find the type of item you want to bid on, for example “Nested Tables”. To search for “Nested Tables” that are being auctioned, select the “Auction” button.

Ebay All-Auction-Buy

Once you find the item you are interested bidding on you will see a “Place Bid” button.  Enter the amount you wish to bid, then click “Place Bid.” You must place a bid that is higher than the current bid. Below the bidding box, you will see the current minimum bid.

Ebay Bidding on Item

Ebay auctions accept bids for a specific amount of time. You can see the time left is 1 hour, 8 minutes and 41 seconds on the example above.

If time runs out and your bid is the highest, you have purchased the item and must pay the seller for it. Your bid on an auction is a legally binding contract.

Ebay has information on how bidding works, tips for winning auctions and how to do automatic bidding. You can also learn how and when you can retract a bid and how reserve prices work. If you are not the winning bidder on an auction the seller may still send you a second chance offer.

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